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The back-bone of every company, takes on many shapes depending on industry and historic legacy. Despite available best practices, large variations will always exist across companies as new practices are constantly being developed to improve efficiency as well as adapt to a continuously changing external environment. At OPX Partners, we understand the need for tailored solutions that will work in practice, avoiding over-engineered solutions that looks good on paper, focusing on change that generate results while being sustainable over time.

Supply chain, logistics and footprint

OPX Partners has extensive experience in successfully helping clients make rapid reductions to its transportation (sea, air, land) and storage costs through focused support efforts.

We partner with clients in driving a range of supply chain improvement initiatives by combining our extensive experience from procurement of e g external services, with our proven models for internal warehouse, manufacturing and footprint optimization.

The starting point is generally to improve transparency of how costs are built up, and should be allocated. Once the point of departure has been established we selectively apply rigorous analytics focused on improvements in three key dimensions;

  • Supply structure & physical in- and out flows
  • Supply chain planning and control
  • Flexibility enhancement

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Procurement of direct and indirect material & services can constitute up to three quarters of a company’s total cost base.

As most industries face demand for shortened lead times, and price pressure is rising, a reliable and competitive supplier base becomes critical to profitability. Using our proven toolbox we combine analytical rigor with first-hand experiences from working with suppliers in line management roles to drive improvements in four key dimensions:

  • Commodity strategies & risk
  • Competence development & performance management
  • Supplier management, including negotiations
  • Process & compliance management Our experiences range from focused cost reduction efforts to fully-fledged procurement programs, where we take ownership for entire category clusters for a defined period, including negotiations.

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Sales and operations planning

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) brings customer demand, production capacity, inventory needs, supply constraints and lead times together

A proper S&OP process allows for proactive business behavior and well-informed decisions, while exposing weaknesses within the supply chain.

OPX Partners has supported several companies in implementing and refining the S&OP process leading to substantial savings and improved flexibility. Through an end-to-end approach, including all key functions starting with sales and ending with a financial forecast, the flexibility and time to react on changes in demand are improved. It also minimizes the risk for over production, un-utilized production capacity and inventory obsolescence.

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Lean operations in manufacturing

OPX Partners has a strong track record in realizing large performance improvements and establishing continuous performance cultures applying Lean principles.

Lean as a concept provides a number of fundamental principles for how to develop a company along a set of cornerstones. OPX Partners has developed methods and tools to adapt and apply these principles in daily work in order to achieve operational excellence.

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Rickard Qvarfort, CEO Ovako Bar:

”OPX invested time with ‘boots-on-the-ground’ to establish themselves as the bridge between departments and key stakeholders, critical to the success of the project. OPX’s recommended changes were fact based, anchored with the relevant stakeholders, concrete and achievable, and foremost resulted in actual change”

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