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Commercial excellence

Commercial excellence

Profit improvement through revenue-based levers often provides nearly endless opportunities, with little risk of hurting the business if done right. At OPX Partners, we address those opportunities through our commercial excellence approach, where we typically help clients within three subareas:

  1. Commercial strategy: defining and implementing the overall plan to drive revenue and profit
  2. Pricing: identifying and leveraging potentials related to pricing strategy, model and execution
  3. Sales force effectiveness: identifying and leveraging potentials related to sales funnel design, channel mix and sales organization steering

Regardless of project type, we put significant effort up front to identify and understand the key drivers of commercial performance. Based on this we work collaboratively with client teams to secure sustainable solutions to prioritized areas, all fully owned and understood by the client.

Sales force effectiveness

An effective sales force has its resources optimized to fully capture the value provided from a commercial offering

However, companies often fail to fully realize revenue and margin opportunities related to increased sales force effectiveness. Based on our experience, we typically consider three key areas to reach measurable results for a sales force:

  • A well-designed sales funnel with accounts and bidding managed systematically to drive lead generation and conversion rates proactively
  • A fit-for-purpose organizational structure and performance management model
  • A balanced channel mix with effective and transparent management of internal and external resources to maximize market penetration and profitability Our project approach is highly collaborative, where we spend significant time with the client’s sales staff to translate proven sales force effectiveness concepts into improved business results. We develop solutions together, perform trainings and coach staff in new ways of working. The final component is to ensure that a systematic performance management structure is in place; containing performance metrics, target levels, incentive programs, all steering the desired sales team behavior.

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Commercial strategy

A theoretically perfect strategy poorly executed is worth little in today’s fast-moving business environment

OPX Partners’ approach to commercial strategy work is based on a deep understanding of client specific market dynamics and customer behaviors. We combine this with a pragmatic view of what works in practice, based on many years of experience from strategy development and implementation, both in line management positions and as consultants. Typically, the best solution is a customized combination of several levers, e.g. customer segmentation, offering design, pricing and sales & marketing activities. We put commercial strategies in place that are insightful to build a competitive position, concrete to secure action and detailed to connect actions to visible results.

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Increasing price transparency and demand for continuous price adjustments are trends now seen across most industries

Pricing done right can generate remarkable payback and bottom-line impact, while if done wrong it can quickly erode margins and destroy market shares. Pricing is however much more than optimizing single price points. At OPX Partners we consider pricing end-to-end, from the overall business goals to the listed gross prices down to the actual net revenue. We believe that pricing done right always starts with understanding the market, the customers and their willingness to pay. Based on this, a powerful pricing strategy can be defined. Effective price models are then tailored to preferences and behaviors of the targeted customer segments and incorporates both price points and the full spectrum of discounts. The final part is the price execution internally (infrastructure, processes & tools) and externally (communication). To ensure that prices are maintained and kept competitive, we make sure to implement a systematic pricing process with internally trained owners that can replicate the work and ensure that there are processes to update prices in line with the defined strategy.

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Per Thorstenson, former CEO Arlanda Express:

"OPX Partners helped us to align our management team and board on a strategic direction based on facts, analytics and new insights - but they also managed to convert these insights into actionable decisions and activities which we could execute on”

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