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Commercial strategy and market study

A transportation company was losing market shares despite growth in both volume and revenue. Without clear understanding of the market, competitors or customers, they had difficulties identifying which customers they were losing, to which competitor and why

The management team and board needed support to align on the direction going forward. OPX Partners did an extensive mapping of market and competition. This enabled the management team and the board to establish a common understanding and starting point to build from. A detailed view of the customer decision process was then generated through surveys and interviews. Data-driven workshops with members of the management team and board identified key customer behaviors, preferences and insights which were used to pinpoint areas of the commercial strategy in need of adjustments. Selected actions were decided on jointly by the board and management team, and implemented as part of the new commercial strategy to turn the negative trend around, and included:

  • Redesigned offering to reduce complexity based on customer insights

  • Adjusted prices and marketing focus to reduce the perceived prices

  • Segment specific communication introduced

  • New customer segments defined and tracked to serve as basis for future commercial decisions

In addition, OPX Partners left the company with the perhaps most important goal achieved, a direction forward with clear, actionable initiatives fully supported by both top management and board.

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