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Whether creating a new business model or automating back-office processes, it's important to understand the underlaying technology to distinguish hype from real opportunities. OPX Partners help clients by bringing both the business and technical expertise

IT Operating model

A well-functioning IT organization is in many cases the key enabler for allowing a business to act on commercial opportunities that arise.

The challenge is that technology is evolving quickly and requires IT organization to continuously adapt and invest to stay relevant, something that many organizations fail from time to time, be it due to spend reductions or loss of key employees. The consequences are often severe with IT becoming a bottleneck in business development and with cost increases without any improvements of the delivery.

OPX Partners take a hands-on approach helping clients to identify the root causes behind challenges in their current setup and then help implement pragmatic improvements across the IT organization.

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More and more data become available for businesses and the best performing companies gain significant competitive advantage from deep understanding of the business and utilizing data to tailor customer offerings and services

The applications for data analytics span all business functions, covering everything from optimizing digital marketing to predictive maintenance of factory equipment, but also include more basic business metrics as detailed sales information and productivity metrics for various back office functions.

OPX Partners help clients both identifying opportunities to leverage data in their business as well as setup and organize the capabilities needed to act on the opportunities. Identifying opportunities requires understanding of the specific problem domain (e.g. pricing or operations) as well as data science expertise to understand what is possible to achieve with available data.

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