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New analytics model at finance institution

Increasing demand for business insight and a re-organized analytics department which had previously worked in isolation, called for a new analytics model better aligned with the business

The Nordic consumer finance company had recently reorganized its analytics capabilities and hired a new manager to lead the newly formed team. The team had a rough outline of areas where their support was needed but had historically worked in isolation limiting their business impact.

OPX Partners was engaged by the new Analytics manager. A series of workshops were held with key stakeholders to understand the needs and expectations related to analytics. An assessment was made of the analytics operating model to understand how work was carried out. Based on the findings, a roadmap was created for the analytics team including key areas in which to focus analytics resources, as well as the implementation of a new operating model. The work helped shape the way analytics was done at the company and ensured that the Analytics team was optimally positioned to best help the business.

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