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Initial Ownership

Initial ownership

Value creation planning has two overall objectives; To articulate a strategy and a credible plan that will create substantial value if implemented; and to build alignment and commitment to the plan among management, the wider organization and the board/owners, in order to mobilize the organization to action

OPX Partners has significant experience from helping clients develop concrete, action-oriented value creation plans – often with a clear digital angle

Some of our fundamental beliefs on VCP development that we apply include:

  • Apply a 3-5 year perspective – a period long enough to drive significant change but short enough to overview and plan in some detail
  • Build alignment and commitment to the plan and its actions among owners, management and the wider organization is at least as important as the actual content of the plan
  • Be bold and ambitious – it is a pre-requisite for substantial value creation
  • Adapt the plan to the company’s organizational capacity
  • Prioritize. It is key to focus on a small number of initiatives that will really make a difference
  • Ensure implementation becomes an integrated part of the business, e.g. tracking built into regular reporting and performance management systems
  • Quick wins should always be part of the scope

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