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Lean operations by improved processes and performance culture in service industry

A Nordic HR services provider had been through multiple divestitures and re-organizations and lost focus on competitiveness mid- and long-term

The company realized it had to refocus on operational optimization and continuous improvement principles in order to secure competitiveness mid- and long-term and to reach its financial targets.

OPX Partners supported a six months transformation of the back-office operations, the solutions developed included:

  • Adjusted organization to create customer oriented, agile teams working together throughout the whole process, scheduling on daily, weekly and monthly level

  • All processes standardized and separated into  “service packages” to allow dedication and a balanced workload per service area

  • Performance management with clear targets and daily reviews including visual support to highlight deviations and problems to solve

The results included 25% increase in productivity, a significant reduction of team stress levels, and a 250% increase in sales of add-on services. The client was awarded Lean Act of the Year based on this program.

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