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"I get to combine the three worlds of consulting, line management and entrepreneurship"

Who are you Mia?

I’m that journalist student who changed path and took a master in law and international trade, moved to Hong Kong with the love of my life and pursued a career first as management consultant at McKinsey&Co, then as an entrepreneur with my own two companies, followed by 4 interesting years as a side-kick to the CEO at one of Sweden’s largest employers - and then finally I joined OPX Partners where I get to combine the three worlds of consulting, line management and entrepreneurship. And not to forget - I am a proud mother of two lovely kids!

That sounds like a great mix, what do you mean by combining consulting, line management and entrepreneurship?

Intellectually, the role of a consultant is unique in terms of the problem solving and analytical approach. As we work closely with line management - and generally support the implementation of new ways of working at the client – it offers the reward of being part of the improvement. This is very different from my previous consulting experience. And as for entrepreneurship – although I am not a founder, we are in a phase where we are growing and defining the future path of OPX Partners which is very exciting!

Tell us more about that large organisation where you spent 4 years!

It is Karolinska University Hospital, employing 16 000 people, with a yearly turnover of about 18 billion SEK. A new CEO was recruited and I had the opportunity to join as his advisor. We took on a true transformation; the care assignment, physical buildings, and organizational structure was completely renewed while new ways of working, steering and governing the organization were introduced. I worked closely with KI (the medical university), SLL (owner and payor of healthcare in Stockholm) as well as national and international hospitals, and I was responsible for projects and programs along the way. It was complex and immensely interesting!

Was your work at McKinsey&Co and your own companies also related to healthcare?

Not really. At McKinsey&Co, I worked in food, pharma, bank, construction equipment, railway - well most industries, just like everyone else. But I did come to do more in the public sector in general and healthcare in particular. My own companies sprung from the unmet need for services; the first is an outdoor pre-school in Hong Kong, inspired by Swedish Ur&Skur. The second is an online service lending the opportunity for a party host to wish for a common gift from all guests while also sharing it with a charity.

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Mia Ejendal

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